About Mark

Tattooed piano playing yeast killer with a degree in Mythology. More about me…


Liner Notes

In hindsight, it appears much of my music is about death, thinking about death, traveling (presumably away from death), and raising my children in a crazy world full of things like oil spills an daffodils. And death.

All songs written and performed by Mark Oppenneer unless otherwise noted.

Going Away
Started out as a tongue-in-cheek environmental song written in response to someone saying, “Hey, you haven’t written an environmental song” or something like that. In production, it turned out almost serious.

Premeditated Life
Mark Oppenneer: voice, lyrics, songwriting
Erik Huber: instruments, arrangement, production
Bruce Huber: cello & guitar

Oilspills & Daffodils
Mark Oppenneer: piano, keyboard, voice
Jayson Ramos: rap
Erik Rockom: guitar

Happy Guy
Written for my Mom who always thought my poetry and music were a little dark (which they are). Happy Guy is without a doubt the happiest piece of music I have ever written, replete with a whistle solo and a la-la part.