I reach up to find that Time has
reduced my harvest
shrunk my field
and left what stalks remain gray and brittle

I reach to the middle and find that he has
given gravity the gift of my girth
prepared me for a famine I shall never face
made me kingly in far cultures
yet merely corpulent in my own

I reach across to find that he has
made my leather pinch and wrinkle
robbed my canvas of youthful hues
and softened the branches that
once hung with springtime fruits

I reach inward to find that Time has
not ventured here for many years
he’s left the rivers running full
and restless beasts to bound and roam
storms still come and shake the land
fires rage inside the earth
but Time has done no damage here

I reach out to find that he has
kept me in my lover’s arms
for longer than I deserve
given me proud warriors to send
out into the world
he’s protected me from venom
and allowed me to pulse and ponder
and gather many stories along the way

Yet I have not reached my destination
That will come another day
when I too shall be recalled
there are many paths to wander
before Time reaches out to me
and miles to go before I sleep

my jam

the missus