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  • In my dream

    Mark’s Youtube Videos

  • Chasing paper

  • Our plots are narrative

  • The Matriarch

    You don’t mind staying? they asked. Do you want anything? Some coffee, maybe? I’m fine, I say And they left for dinner, the brothers and…

  • Stained Glass #5

  • Playing well with others

    An album of collaborative music All instrumentation and vocals by other people unless otherwise noted playing well with others by Mark Oppenneer Read album and…

  • Stained Glass #4

    A found object glass piece I made using lantern slide panels I discovered at a library rummage sale a few years back. Very cerebral and…

  • Piano Snippets for Possible Podcast

    I recently recorded a few snippets of solo piano. They are a conversation starter for my friend Juli who is starting a podcast. Thanks to…

  • Following Her Bliss in a Model A

    Joseph Campbell’s statement “Follow your bliss” is a call to action that has captured the imagination of many people seeking to expand their knowledge of…